Precision in Highly Complex Systems
Tight dimensional tolerances and high surface qualities for mechanical seals, shafts, pistons, plungers, bearings, valve seats and others contribute to improving service life, reliability and structural design.
Insulating Ceramics
Ceramic is an excellent electric and thermic insulator.
Low heat conductivity, high electric dielectric strength and a good mechanical strength secure the function of special components in a wide range of application temperatures.
Metal-Ceramic Composites
High-vacuum tight soldered compounds of ceramics and metal components guarantee a long life of the assemblies e.g. for applications in medical technology, aerospace technology etc.
Ceramics Offer Protection
Emergency vehicles of the UN and the NATO peacekeeping forces use passive protection systems (armoring) on the basis of ceramic-composite compound structures.
Sensor Technology
High-precision sensor technology requires among others excellent insulation and a high mechanical strength/stiffness. In addition, resistance under high temperatures and against corrosive media is required as well.
High-Temperature Applications
High limit temperatures for applications, good thermal shock resistance, high electric insulation strength, high corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity: Technical ceramics also prove their quality in extreme environments.
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Barat Ceramics - advanced materials solutions

Barat Ceramics are manufacturers of technical ceramics. We produce components of aluminum oxide or zirconium oxide as well assemblies made of conventional materials.

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